David is looking for a home.

1EF14844 85DB 47D8 ACA6 0DC6F2DE51B1He seems very healthy. Generally he is friendly and gets along well with other dogs.

He has met a few kids (I don’t have kids but have had a few over) and generally did okay. He can be pushy and tends to jump up on people in a dominant (not aggressive or unfriendly) way. He could injure a young child or elderly person unintentionally, but I believe this is a problem that can be corrected. He pretty much stopped doing this with me and other people he has met with any regularity. I expect this behavior was allowed, so it just needs to be trained out.

He has some training. He knows sit very well and has a reasonably good recall. He is extremely reliable in the house (that is, well housebroken and non-destructive).

He is very much a guardian of his property. He will react to “intruders,” which can include vehicles driving past the property or people walking. He does not act friendly when he is doing this—if someone he doesn’t know comes toward the fence he will bark aggressively and jump up on the fence. However, he has not tried to go over my 5’ chain link fence. Once he knows a person (has met them a few times) he does not do this. Every time I have him meet someone by bringing him up to a new person on leash he has given them a very friendly meeting, so this just seems to be more of a property guardian behavior rather than general unfriendliness.

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