45-pound femaie, spayed Leo-look-alike
Sweetest girl in the world!!!!

Gaviota (now Gabi) was rescued from the streets of Tijuana, covered in ticks and fleas, with an ear infection, broken pelvis and tickborne disease so severe that she was not eligible for the orthopedic surgery that she needed.

A good samaritan sponsored Gabi as she spent months at the Vet hospital recuperating. As it turns out, Gabi,is a very lucky girl whose pelvis healed in such a way that it left her with only a minor leg length difference that doesn't bother her in the least now that she has had room to exercise and rehab.

Gabi may need pain meds as she gets older but most dogs do and she will develop arthritis but she would have with the surgery as well. Today Gabi is a healthy girl, she is 5 or 6 yrs old, spayed, up to date on her shots, heart worm negative and on preventative, she is 46lbs of mellow love.

I am fostering Gabi and have rarely met such a sweet dog, her name should be sweetness. She is great with people and other dogs, interested in the cat and will chase if she runs but not to eat her, Gabi is just curious. She has met my horses and is comfortable around them.

But what Gabi craves most is the love of her human, she follows me everywhere and loves to cuddle when inside. When outside, she makes sure to know where I am, but then goes off to investigate her new world or get the zoomies and run like a crazy girl.

She is fine being left alone in the house.You will not find a sweeter dog and though she hasn't been tested with children, I cannot imagine she would have problems. If my pack weren't so large she would have a home here.

She would blend well in a home with other dogs, but also be happy as a single dog so long as her human had lots of time for her. She would do fine but would not be happy if left alone most of the time. After her amazing journey, I would like to see her homed with someone who desires an affectionate companion and has time to accept all the love she has to give.

gabi2Gabi is being fostered in Northern New Mexico.

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