Success Stories

Finding forever happy homes is a rewarding experience for everyone involved.  Here we share a few of our successful endings.

Franklyn in his new Pond

October 2020 - 5 Year old Male from Pennsylvania.   Due to changes in his family's environment; Franklyn was beginning to misbehave.  His owners contacted LRPals to assist with options and after several discussions it was determined that re-locating him was the best alternative. 

From our applicants, Frankyn was matched with a couple in Georga, with a beautiful house with a pond out in the back yard.  He now can swim daily with the 2 others dogs in his “pack” (a hound and older golden retriever).  His new family is home most of the day and active,  so he is tired out at the end of each day !!  Swimming in "His" pond and playing Tag in the backyard are his favorite games.  He is thriving in his new home.   His behavior issues have disappeared -  and he likes to be a lapdog whenever possible !          



Luna came to us as a 2 year old.  Her main issue was insecurity.  The notes from her foster home described her journey to a new home.  We were happy to have her placed in November 2017.

Hogan out hiking in New Mexico

Hogan (previously Big, then Baloo) was looking for a new home and LRP found a match for him in New Mexico!

LRP was told he was a Leo, but DNA testing showed that he is a St. Bernard mix.  Hogan’s adoptive family doesn’t care because he has brought so much joy into their lives.

Well, no one ever said rescue was a boring endeavor! Fate, however, thought a small reminder couldn’t hurt and sent beautiful, sweet Gretel along to do the job.

Zeus and JD were both fostered and then placed in 2019! 
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Leo didn't have the best start in life. He was born in a puppy mill somewhere up north. Sadly, he was taken from his mother before he had turned just 8 weeks old. Then he was put on a truck and sent all the way to Florida.

Recently neutered male, 8 years old, 107#. He looks like a Newfoundland mix.

17 months old Marnie was turned in to the shelter because her family could not afford her health care. Here is her Foster family write up about her.

mike3We didn’t know a whole lot about Mike’s background when my wife and I adopted him in September 2018. All we knew was that he had been found abandoned on the streets of South Los Angeles.

And then there is The Dude, our sweet, beautiful foster for life Dudley who came into rescue near death and now lives a life of luxury.