LeoRescuePals needs a constant flow of donations to help dogs in our care. 
In addition to new intakes, we often have ongoing longterm foster care or hospice expenses.
Please donate now to help LeoRescuePals provide every Leo in our care the health and happiness they deserve.

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We presently have no Leos ready for placement.

When There Are No Dogs Listed Here?

Well you see, our problem which really is not a problem is that most dogs go into foster to adopt homes and those just in foster get adopted quickly. There's no time to put them up on the adoptable page.

Some of our rescues are long term fosters that cannot be adopted “as is” due to health and/or behavioral issues. Only when those issues are resolved do they go up for adoption.

We have so many applications on file (Thank You to all that apply and do not loose hope) the dogs never make it to this page.

So even, though, you may not see dogs listed here; it doesn’t mean we have no dogs in need!

Please, if you are interested in adopting, completing an application will give you the best chance to be considered…Do not wait to see dogs appear on this page.


Please consider completing our forms for Fostering and / or Adopting.