Leonberger Rescue, Inc.
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Volunteer Agreement for Leonberger dogs
for Leonberger Rescue, Inc.

I, the undersigned, state that I have read, understand and agree to abide by the conditions of this volunteer Agreement during the period of time a Rescued Leonberger is in my care.


1) I/we agree to accept all responsibility for the behavior of a Rescued Leonberger we are transporting or dealing with in some other fashion.
2) I/we will be responsible for any and all legal fees incurred if a violation of this agreement in a legal suit.

Release of Liability and Indemnification

In consideration for allowing me/us to provide transportation of other services for a Rescued Leonberger, I/we promise and agree to be solely responsible for said Rescued Leonberger and to indemnify and hold harmless all other parties, clubs, organizations, its members and its volunteers from any and all claims of liability for the conduct of said Rescued Leonberger on or after the date of this agreement for the period of time each Rescued Leonberger is in my/our control and custody.

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