How We Work

Owners surrendering dogs are encouraged, but not required, to contact their breeders. If they are reluctant to contact their breeders, we ask it is ok for us to contact them once the dog is in rescue. If given the ok, we will contact the breeder and let them know we have one of their dogs and why.

All dogs receive a health check, are brought up to date on shots and preventatives and treated for existing conditions. Dogs coming in directly from owners with a full health history, complete medical records, and UTD for at least 6 months are not taken to the vets unless we observe something not mentioned and deem it necessary.

All dogs are spayed/neutered before leaving LeoRescue, unless they are too young (under 6 months) in which case the adoptive owner pays a deposit, which is refunded once we recive proof of spay/ neuter within a given timeframe. The Regional Rep who placed the dog will follow up to ensure the dog is spayed/neutered. LeoRescue reserves the right to repossess the dog if the owner fails to comply.

All dogs (with the exception of young puppies) remain in foster care for a minimum of two weeks before we attempt to find a permanent home. Most dogs stay in foster care much longer, especially special needs dogs. Puppies 10 weeks and under are not required to stay the two weeks, unless we see health issues or early signs of behavioral problems. Instead, pups are placed as soon as possible, so that this crucial period in their development is disrupted as little as possible.

Our working rule for placing dogs is to find out what the dog is about, what its needs are, and match those features and traits to a family able to provide the best possible environment for the dog to succeed.

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