The only way that rescue organizations, such as ours, can endure is with the kind donations of people like you! Therefore, we've tried to make donating as easy as possible. Furthermore, as of March, 2004, Leonberger Rescue, Inc. is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. This means that your donations are fully tax-deductible!

Please help us continue to help Leonbergers who need to be rescued, get medical care, find loving homes, and receive love and companionship!

We've set up a variety of ways you can contribute financially to LeoRescue.


Direct Mail

You can mail a donation to our treasurer
Julie Karamanos
LeoRescue Treasurer
4827 Utah St
San Diego, CA 92116
Make the check out to Leonberger Rescue, Inc.


You say you want to help LeoRescue on a regular basis? Let us make it easy for you! We've set up a subscription service via PayPal. Sign up using one of the amounts below, and PayPal will automatically make a deduction from your PayPal account on our behalf. Note: this option requires you to have a PayPal account. If you do not have one, you will be taken through creating an account as part of signing up for the subscription service.

Payment Options

Bid on Ebay

We periodically sell donated items on Ebay. Check to see if we have any auctions running currently.  To check for any items presently on sale - go to  eBay Search.

Sell on Ebay

If you're short on cash, but long on "stuff", you can now list your items on Ebay and have part or all of the auction proceeds automatically sent to LeoRescue. Furthermore, these auctions will be listed in the special non-profit area of Ebay in addition to their normal listing, so they'll have additional exposure to sellers. Items for sale do not have to have anything to do with Leonbergers - you can sell *anything* on behalf of LeoRescue.

Ebay partners with a company called MissionFish to handle their non-profit auctions. To sell an item on behalf of Leonberger Rescue, go to and follow the instructions on the Web page. For an overview of the selling process, use their support page.

Buy Merchandise

Thank you to Matt Messley for assisting with this wonderful Leo-rescue merchandise. Links soon posted.

Do you shop online?

Use iGive for Leonberger-Rescue, Inc  

or if Amazon is your store, please try Amazon Smile - and register to donate to Leonberger-Rescue, Inc