It's been a year since Teddi/Bella came to live with us, so I thought I would send an update. I wanted to send videos of Bella swimming - she's become quite proficient - but haven't had the dog, the camera, and the water all in the same place at the same time.


She loves the back yard and will hang out where my veggie garden used to be. She likes to lie down in the tall, leafy weeds that grow there now. Sometimes I think she waits until we call her so she can come running to us. It's very cute.
She and Ember are best friends. Ember is a black Lab we adopted from GEB in October. She's the baby of our third GEB puppy, Loren, who is in their breeding program. They charge around the backyard chasing, tumbling, and dodging. Ember can out-maneuver Bella, but on the straightaway Bella is just as fast.
Bella had a lot of problems with the stairs when she first got to us, particularly outside, but now she runs on them.

She loves to go in the car, even if she stays inside. Even after I took her to the vet on Wednesday and the groomer on Thursday.

She's still timid of men, but the other night when we were out for our walk, a really big guy went past on his power walk and Bella actually veered toward him, rather than hiding behind me! I call it a breakthrough!

We recently celebrated Bella's first Gotcha Day and Ember's first birthday with Frosty Paws. Bella wasn't quite sure this was a good thing, but eventually came around.

She is a sweet, good girl and we love her. She's very happy here!

~ Kim Steele & family