Bentley, now age 2 1/2, was regrettably surrendered to LeoRescue because his Massachusetts family's young son became allergic to dogs. Lucky for us, though! We had recently lost our Great Pyrenees and had filled out an adoption application for LeoRescue.


We were delighted to foster/adopt the wonderful Bentley!

Bentley now lives with a brother, our wonderful Bernese Mountain dog named Tanner. The two of them are almost the same age, and get along beautifully. Although, it seems, Tanner thinks Bentley's insane for going in our pool!

Bentley is loving his new home, especially the swimming pool. He swims with our children, plays with his new Berner brother, and gets lots of love. He also enjoys attending the outdoor summer concerts in the park with his the family.

We're thrilled to have him!

~Patti and Gary