Adopting a Leo

A rescue dog is not just a cheap dog. Often, rescue dogs are wonderful pets caught in a bad situation at home: a job transfer to a location where the pet cannot be kept; a divorce where neither person can keep the dog; or a death. But just as often, a rescue dog is a problem dog. Many Leonbergers that come to LeoRescue have not been trained or socialized. In other cases, the dogs have medical conditions that require ongoing veterinary care. These dogs need owners who are able to spend the extra time and effort to meet their special needs.

While we will fully investigate each and every Leonberger available for adoption, please understand that we are unable to make any guarantees. Adoption donations vary. Young puppies are adopted with a spay/neuter contract and refundable deposit. Other refundable deposits may apply in other cases. For additional information, please contact us.

If you are interested in giving a Rescue Leonberger a forever home, please fill out our Online Application. Understand that the questions on the form are not meant to be intrusive, but rather are designed to find the best match possible for the dog and new owner. If you are unable to fill out our Online Application you can download the Adoption Application document, complete it, and return it to Julie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to the mailing address listed at the bottom of the application. You can also FAX it to our toll-free number (866-433-4542)

The fee to adopt a Leonberger from LeoRescue is based on the age of the dog. This money goes straight back into the LeoRescue coffers, ready to pay for veterinary care, training, and various needs of other LeoRescue Leonbergers. Please ask for current adoption fees.

To submit your application use our Online Application.adoption-graphic

Or the old way:
Download an Adoption Application
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